Converted Horse Trailer Bar Also Coming Soon Ready For September 2020

We carry a card reader to all events, we either need WiFi or 3G signal to use it. Minimum spend £1.00

Our Prices


Lager/Cider/Craft Beer/ IPA £3.50 per pint


Hop House 13, Badlands, Independence, Becks 


Thatchers, Thatchers Haze, North Street Cider 

All by Draught 

Nice wines 175ml £4.20Upwards 250ml £6.00 Upwards

Da  Luca  Pinot  Grigio

Santarita  8km  carbernet   sauvingnon  

el  pugil  tempranillo

anjou  rose  

kleine  zalte selection bush vines Chenin blanc

Craft Cans £2.25

Fourepure  pils,  Heverlee,  Thornbridge  Lukas  Helles ,  Fourpure  Juicebox,  wildbeer  bibble,  drygate Crossing the rubicon, tailgate peanut butter milk stout  (£2.80  for  the  special  stout)

Bag in the box £3.00 per pint

Fine tuned brewery  

Godney Bad Apple

Roger Wilkins Cider

Spirits 25ml £2.80 upwards

Koko Kanu, Copper Dog, Red Leg rum, Calzcabel, Brokers London Gin, Don Papa, Duppy Share, Larios Pink Gin, Deaths Door, New Amsterdam Vodka, Black Cow Vodka, Saliza Ameretto, Atlantico Platino