We carry a card reader to all events, we either need WiFi or 3G signal to use it. Minimum spend £1.00

Our Prices


Craft Beers £4.00 per pint or £2.20 per 1/2 Pint

A selection of our favourite craft beers, including badlands 4.2%ABV and independence 5.0% ABV. By the Bristol Beer Factory 

Hopped house 5.0% ABV by the fine tuned brewery in somerton.

Plus many others, get in touch for more information.

Nice wines 175ml £5.80or £8.00 250ml

Da  Luca  Pinot  Grigio

Santarita  8km  carbernet   sauvingnon  

el  pugil  tempranillo

anjou  rose  

kleine  zalte selection bush vines Chenin blanc

Craft Cans £2.25

Fourepure  pils,  Heverlee,  Thornbridge  Lukas  Helles ,  Fourpure  Juicebox,  wildbeer  bibble,  drygate Crossing the rubicon, tailgate peanut butter milk stout  (£2.80  for  the  special  stout)

Bag in the box £3.00 per pint

Local Ciders & ales 


All  of  our  spirits  are  premium  

Koko  kanu,  brugal  anejo, scorpio vodka , ristretto, krupnik honey & herbs, kraken. Plus many more.

25ml  £3.20 50ml  £6.00

specials  spirits  

Black cow vodka, newton house gin, plus other carefully selected drinks.

25ml   £4.00 50ml   £7.00